Big Bear/Culture questions from our DEN First Nation LiveStream

1. Did they ever find the bones of Big Bear?

1. How come Big Bear is called a bear?

1. Was Big Bear a person or a bear? Does he still live?

2. Did they find the body of Big Bear?

2. How long did Big Bear live?

3. Can you share the importance of animal & nature symbols in your culture?

5. My students would like to know why do you need Elders at your school?

8. What is a medicine wheel?

8. Who can be an elder?

8. What is a pow wow? (also #9)

8. How often do you have a pow wow?

8. What is the importance of a pow wow? (also #9)

9. I wonder how they got the skin off the bones? (by Atticus)

9. I wonder how the First Nation learned how to sing? (by Deion)

9. I wonder how the made the drums? (by Aaliyah/Atticus/Megan)

9. I wonder what they do in a pow wow? (by Sam)

9. I wonder why they wear special kind of clothes? (by Aaliyah)

9. I wonder how they play the drum? (by Atticus)

9. I wonder why the have pow wows? (by Sam)

9. What is a pow wow? (by Dylan/Sam)